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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 20, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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if it is true, it has been a pleasure anchoring this show and thanks for having me in your home every night. the myans appear to be cashing in. making a tv channel. >> and now the myan channel first alert forecast. thursday, cloudy, chance of showers, high 39. friday, volcanos, asteroid strikes, apocalypse. saturday, mostly sunny, pleasant, high 44. student for the highian business traveler report up next. >> bret: there you have it thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." we will be back tomorrow, fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is is the fox report. tonight, inching closer to the fiscal cliff. the house just passed part of the republican part b. but what about their plan for tax cuts?
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plus, the deadly attack at our consulate in libya. whose fault was it? >> i cannot imagine that we had people out there with a lack of security existing. >> shepard: the attack in september killed four americans. >> we have learned some very hard and painful lessons in benghazi already acting on them we have to do better. >> shepard: now, officials admit they made mistakes but the senator who could eventu department says lawmakers need to share the blame. plus an enormous snow storm system dumping tons of snow and stranding holiday travelers. >> i want to get home. >> we found a rental car and decided we are going to try to make the drive through. >> shepard: the roads aren't much better. >> >> snow covered, wet, slippery, a little slushy. >> shepard: tonight, a look at just how bad this storm could get.
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but we begin tonight with a fox urgent. the house of representatives is voting tonight on what republicans call plan b in the standoff over the fiscal cliff. the white house insists it's a waist of time with just 12 days to go until we take the plunge. that would mean automatic spending cuts, expiring tax cuts and possibly another recession. a live look at the house floor now. the republican leaders say their plan will extend tax cuts for more than 99 persian of taxpayers. it let's those cuts expire on incomes of more than a million dollars. president obama has raised his limit from $250,000 to 400 grand. the white house says he has gone than halfway and that no matter what the republicans do tonight, he will veto this plan b if it ever ends up on his desk, which it probably will not because senate democrats say it cannot. so what's the point of all of this? mike emanuel is live on capitol hill and he is our top story tonight. there are actually two bills and they just voted on one of them, mike. >> well, that's right, shep.
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they just passed the one bill that would replace massive cuts in defense spending at the pentagon with cuts to domestic spending. this was to try to get more republican support. they didn't want to just be dealing with a tax issue. they also wanted to be cutting. well, in the pitch, a star voice from the 2012 campaign on the republican side made his pitch. >> we don't just have a fiscal cliff. we have a fiscal abyss in front of us. and that is the debt crisis that is on our horizon. failure to address this debt crisis means not just 47% of americans, but every american gets hurt. >> so the house is going to debate over the next hour or so the tax aspect of this plan b. then we expect a vote. should happen sometime around the end of this show, shep? >> shepard: you know, the top house democrat has her own idea of what plan b means for
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the american people, right? >> well, we have heard a lot of frustration from house democrats today, essentially saying that this is a waste of time, that republicans should be speaking with the other end of pennsylvania avenue with the president of the united states and try to work this out. the house democratic leader nancy pelosi says plan b just isn't fair. >> more than 20 million children will have reduced food and nutrition benefits. merry christmas to you and yours. 1.7 million seniors will lose meals on wheels. happy holidays to you. >> and of course the white house has issued a veto threat on plan b. the senate democratic leader says he is not going to bring up plan b for a vote. if it passes the house tonight but first things first. house republican leaders say with two weeks from -- less than two weeks from the fiscal cliff they feel like they need to pass something.
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shep? >> shepard: and mike a happy holidays to you as well. the white house says president obama's latest offer may not be his final offer but staffers also say there is not much further he can go. we are live at the white house coming up inside fox report. first though the state department made mistakes and needs to hold itself accountable. that acknowledgment came just hours ago during hearings on capitol hill. state department officials were there testifying about the attack on our consulate in benghazi, libya on september the 11th of this year. four americans died in that assault. the deputy secretary of state william burns said today we learned a hard and painful lessons from that attack and he promised changes. >> we owe it to our colleagues who lost their lives in benghazi. we owe it to the security professionals who acted with such extraordinary heroism that awful night to try to protect them. >> shepard: the man who could be america's next secretary of state senator john kerry gave congress some of the blame. he said lawmakers failed to give the state department enough money for security.
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but he ran into some disagreement. >> adequately funding america's foreign policy objectives is not spending. it's investing in our long-term security and more often than not, it saves far more expensive expenditures in dollars and lives for the conflicts that we fail to see or avoid. >> i'm dismayed that this hearing is already centered on additional money, which may well be needed but as senator boxer just said, we would have no idea because we have never done a top to bottom review of the state department never since i have been here in the minority for six years. we have no idea whether the state department is using its money wisely or not. i think that is a shame. >> shepard: that is setting up news from the future, isn't it? the house and senate hearings came after report on the attack blasted management failures at the state department. the secretary of state hillary clinton was scheduled to be among those testifying today but a state department
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spokesman has said that she is recovering now, recovering from a concussion. catherine herridge has been following the hearings and she is live for us this evening in our washington newsroom. catherine, officials talked about some warnings that they got before the attacks. >> well, shep. senators today pushing secretary clinton's deputies on classified state department cables warning the threat from terrorists in benghazi was spiking. >> you were aware of the security risk there. we have read the cables. you were fully aware and either you sent people there with security or you don't send them there. >> an august classified cable first reported by fox news summarized an emergency meeting in benghazi one month before the attack. the cable directly warned clinton's office here in washington that the consulate could not defend against a coordinated assault. adding that the cia briefed on location of approximately 10 islamist militias and al qaeda training camps within benghazi. the cable was sent by ambassador stevens and it's
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been described as a smoking gun warning because it foreshadowed how four americans, including stevens, would eventually die on 9/11 as well as the groups responsible. >> to what level did those cables get reviewed? >> well, they certainly would have been reviewed up through assistant secretary level and it may be that some of my colleagues on the seventh floor saw them as well. >> that seventh floor reference is designed to point to mrs. clinton, whose aides say she was not well enough to testify this week. today the "new york times" on its editorial page also joined the call for clinton to testify publicly as soon as possible and that is scheduled to happen by mid january. shep? >> shepard: that was the senate hearing, catherine. there was one on the other side of the capitol as well. >> house side republicans questioning how the state department is using its money. citing an event one day before the consulate was attacked. >> we see that secretary clinton was engaged in launching a new program called the diplomatic culinary
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partnership where american chefs will travel the world to engage in culinary diplomacy. certainly this is an example of misplace the priorities. >> democrats charging today that benghazi has been politicized and that the death of these four americans has been lost in the mix. >> i think mr. romney did it shamefully during the campaign. and i think that in times of crisis, we need to pull together as americans. >> we have taken the train off the tracks. i would be very pleasantly surprised if one of our colleagues, even one of our colleagues had on his or her agenda today to talk about any one of the 29 points and recommendations that were made. >> the take away from today's hearings is this high volume of warnings. fox news has learned that ambassador stevens sent at least 15 classified cables to the state department headquarters here in washington between november 2011 and the attack and they all warned security
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was unraveling and that they needed extra help. shep? >> shepard: catherine herridge, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> shepard: today vice president joe biden met with his task force on gun violence. it was their first meeting. president obama has given the group until next month to come up with proposals to try to prevent mass shootings like the shooting spree at sandy hook elementary. today met with law enforcement across the country. he said this is one washington tax force that will get results. >> the president is absolutely committed to keeping his promise that we will act and we'll act in a way that is designed, even if he says we can only save one life, we have to take action. >> shepard: the national rifle association reports it will hold what it calls a major news conference tomorrow. earlier this week it released a statement offering to make meaningful contributions to prevent a repeat of the newtown massacre. it's been less than a week since the gunshots blasted through the halls of sandy
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hook elementary. in the wake of that unimaginable crime the community is struggling to heal. ♪ ♪ >> i know these people here will be affected for the rest of theirs lives with this. >> shepard: for those who have lost so much an outpouring of support. >> we want to give the families an option to say we're behind you and here's your mortgage payment for the month. >> shepard: from raising money to delivering food. you will see how americans are pulling together for the people of newtown, connecticut. that's coming up from the journalists of fox news on this thursday fox report. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps
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we went to a park and we handed people 10- and 20-pound sandbags. here's what happened.
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i just truly feel winded. i can feel it in my back. i didn't realize what extra weight on the body feels like. oh, i definitely felt it in my knees. you can easily put 2, 3, 4, or 5 pounds on in a year. woman: 10 pounds makes a big difference. no one liked carrying the extra weight, but people do it all the time. wouldn't you like to drop that weight and stop picking up more? man: i think this is a lifechanger for me. look at this map. the first widespread snow storm of the season started earlier this week in the rockies. moved across the plains and is now in the midwest. it's also dumped up to a foot
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of snow, wet, heavy snow in some areas, including omaha, nebraska. first alert forecasters say out when conditions are possible and that the storm could turn into a 50 mile-per-hour blizzard south and west of chicago. roads and highways are closed all over the place and some 400,000 homes are already without power. just in time for santa. farther south in alabama, the storm may have caused several tornadoes this morning. they are talking cars flipped, trees down. shredded roofs, you name it, in and around mobile, alabama. let's get to team fox coverage. rick reichmuth is at the weather center with the latest on where this storm is going. first let's get to fox news chicago's reporter tisha lewis fox 32 there. she is in lake zukerman, illinois. this is causing big problems. >> that's right, shep. it's beautiful but it's also dangerous. the back drop behind me, the storm started a few hours ago.
4:16 pm
we watched the rain turn to snow and it hasn't let up since. i want to go right through-to-some cancellations for people traveling by air. chicago o'hare international airport reporting 300 cancellations with delays up to 90 minutes. and midway airport reporting 150 cancellations with delays of at least 30 minutes. just to get a good idea of how much is coming down and how fast you can see the snow coming down in our headlight here, we are in lake zurk, about 30 miles northwest suburbs. this is the area expected to bear the brunt of this snow storm, shep. they could get up to 6 inches of snow and the heaviest snow fall in the lowest visibility is between now and 10:00 p.m. back to you, shep. >> shepard: tisha lewis from fox news, chicago. rick reichmuth is in the weather center tonight. moving on? >> sure is. pulling off toward the northeast. rain event in the north
4:17 pm
atlantic. all snow towards chicago. first time it snowed in 290 days there. just crossed over from rain to snow. got to tell you a little bit of good news. seems to be weakening just a little bit. the heaviest of the snow you see kind of darker or lighter brighter whites are fading. turn into more of the grays. that's good news. we will see another 1 to 3 inches of snow falling. the snow on the ground up to 18 inches in parts of wisconsin that is going to continue to blow around all day tomorrow. keep these blizzard warnings up to midnight. tomorrow high wind and see more of that blowing. take a look at what happens over the next couple hours, shepard. see all the rain but it's all rain across the mid-atlantic. then we will see the coldest air that we have seen all season long across parts of the northeast and maybe our first big lake-effect snow event as well. >> shepard: that's the east. the west coast about to take a punch too. >> think about this west coast 20 inches of rain from that
4:18 pm
storm. get ready here we go again another 10 inches of rain and some spots in the mountain another six feet of snow great news if you are heading out west. >> shepard: 6 feet? >> 6 feet. >> shepard: enjoy that snow. >> you bet. >> shepard: pileup on new york long island's expressway killed one person and hurt dozens more. the weather was almost perfect. cops say a tractor-trailer carrying rubble from super storm sandy smashed into several vehicles at exit 68 on the long island expressway about 70 miles or so east of the big city it set off a train reaction of crashes. the tractor-trailer and at least two other cars caught fire. cops say more than two dozen fire departments and emergency response teams went to the scene. witnesses said the tractor-trailer had been swerving right before that crash. fewer americans are hitting the stores this holiday season. so bring on the discounts. major price chopping at big name retailers as they try to boost their bottom lines before the end of the area.
4:19 pm
we'll break down the deals and tell you where to find them as fox reports live tonight.
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>> seems the housing market is picking up steam because sales of existing homes shot up last month at the fastest pace in three years that's according to the national association of realtors that rate of 5.% is the largest we have seen since november of 2009. if you are looking to buy or refinance a home, mortgage rates did tick up slightly last week but they are still near record lows. freddie mac reports that the average rate on a 30 year fixed mortgage rose to 3.37%. last month it was 3.31%. the lowest rate since the 1970s. meantime labor department is reporting first time jobless claims did go up by 17,000.
4:23 pm
reversing nearly a month of declines. well, as folks try to squeeze in that last-minute holiday shopping. many stores are are scrambling to boost sales and that could mean some big savings for all of us. a number of retailers have already offered free shipping and layaway deals this holiday season. but most have held back on any major discounts which cut into their profits last year. in fact, disowns and promotions are down about 5% this season from 2011. retail sales are up a bit from last year. online purchases climbed some 13% since november. but that is still below what the analysts were expecting. so with some the biggest shopping days of the year still ahead look for retailers slash prices which for all of us is really good. gerri willis is with us from the fox business network. i thought it was supposed it to be a really big season. >> that's what we were expecting. analysts expecting 3.3 coming in at 2.5. a lot of people spent a lot of money right around thanksgiving and now they are saying boy i'm not going to
4:24 pm
spend as much as i did. keep in mind critical for retailers, 40% of their sales come right in this season. but there is good news for them. 37% of us have not finished our shopping season yet. so maybe, maybe, maybe 100% of us haven't finished. >> some great deals out there, right? >> you know, listen to this. wal-mart, the iphone 5, they are discounting it by 63 bucks. so you can get an iphone 5 and a two year contract for 127 bucks. amazing. it's called loss leader. you try get people in the store by discounting. other stores discounting to. air pose stall. 60%. sax fifth avenue 60%. retailer once you see discounts of 50%. that's when the retailers start to lose their margin. that's when profits start going south. >> shepard: that's unfortunate. >> but you know if you get a good deal, it's not all that
4:25 pm
bad. >> shepard: i will take it especially since the world is about to end anyway. >> who cares. you will never pay that bill anyway. >> shepard: thank you, gerri. another day of funeral processions for tiny coffins in new town connecticut. now there is word investigators have the accused killer's cell phone. but apparently he hardly used it we will go live to newtown and look at the support pouring in from around the world. but first a final tribute to an american hero. the remains of the united states senator daniel inouye. carried his flag draped coffin into the capitol rotunda this morning. 31 others have had that honor. among them presidents abraham lincoln and ronald reagan. the democratic lawmaker died on monday at the age of 88. a highly decorated war veteran and the second longest serving u.s. senator. during world war ii, enemy fire left his arm hanging by shreds. as the story goes, he pried a grenade from the hand of his nearly severed arm and used it
4:26 pm
to fight back to protect his platoon. he lost that arm but later won the medal of honor. the nationest highest award for military valor. >> daniel inouye, in every sense of the word was a hero. >> shepard: former senate majority leader bob dole paid his respects today. the two met in a hospital in italy in the 1940s and senator inouye often credited his republican friend with getting him into politics. former senator elizabeth dole kissed her hand and touched the casket then senator bob dole saluted his old friend and colleague one final time. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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>> shepard: it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. and look out below. 12 days to go until we plumb net big spending cuts. and according to economists probably another big recession. house floor. waiting for the vote on part two of the republicans call plan b. as you can see after passing part 1. the house has unexpectedly gone into recess. senate democrats and the house say it doesn't much matter because the entire plan b is dead on arrival. ed henry the white house
4:31 pm
started on the speaker today and you know, this gives us a clue about what might be going on here. ed. >> it does because white house aides today started saying look the only reason speaker boehner went to plan b which they are trying to vote on now because they didn't have enough republican votes to pass plan 8 which is broader trillion-dollar debt deal. they are trying to poke a finger in his eye and saying he can't bring along his own caucus. that recess going on right now means they might not have the votes even for plan b. the smaller version let alone plan a. speaker boehner said he believes speaker boehner is going down a blind alley with no exit. take a listen. >> plan b, which is the only thing the house of representatives, the republicans in the house are focused on right now is a multiday exercise in futility. >> futility, perhaps for lawmakers in both parties but this could have real consequences on the military.
4:32 pm
all kinds of other federal agencies. today defense secretary leon panetta put out a memo to defense department employs warning if they don't get a deal in the next few days there is going to be painful cuts to the defense department next year. shep? >> right now this isn't about solving any problems. this is about placing blame. that's what this exercise tonight is all about. to place the blame on the president. >> partly because you are right the republicans have been on defense, the president saying if you don't act at all taxes are going up on everybody as the bush tax rates expire at the end of the year. so what the republicans tried to do with these plan b votes to say look we have plan. here it is just raising taxes on people making over a million dollars. eric cantor the majority leader says the ball will be in the president's court. take a listen. >> and the president has a decision to make. he can support these measures or be responsible for reckless spending and the largest tax hikes in american history. >> here is the problem for
4:33 pm
eric cantor and speaker boehner tonight. they had guaranteed they would have the votes to pass so-called plan b the tax portion but just raising taxes over a million dollars a year. that picture you showed about recess subject to the call of the chair that's washington speak for they don't have the votes to pass that plan shep. so right now they are behind the scenes breaking arms trying to get enough republicans to pass. this they may or may not be able to do that tonight. if they don't it, will show they wasted even more time and are that much closer to the cliff without a plan that makes it through the house tonight, shep. >> shepard: it's a drama we will watch throughout the night. we will report live once we know exactly what they have decided. investigators are reportedly examined a cell phone that belonged to the connecticut school shooter but they didn't find much, they tell us. the hartford current reports a preliminary investigation shows adam lanza did not make or receive a lot of phone calls. that matches up with reports that he wasn't very social and didn't have a will the of friends. police say lanza killed his mother last friday then went
4:34 pm
on sandy hook elementary school and murdered 26 adults and children before he killed himself. today more funeral processions wound through the streets of newtown and we saw more heart breaking goodbyes to the victims. rick leventhal in newtown tonight. rick? >> shepard, so many funerals here every day now that it's common to see processions passing by the outside of churches while other ceremonies are in progress. and today family and friends paid final respects to three more students and two teachers, including annemarie murphy a 52-year-old special education aid. cardinal timothy dollan delivered in new york where annemarie was remembered for trying to protect her kids. special need student dillon hockly was found shot to death in her arms. and tonight police in new hampshire, shepard, are confirming that nancy lanza was buried by her relatives in a private ceremony there. >> now we are getting word
4:35 pm
that adam lanza, the shooter here might have had an interest in joining the military? >> yeah. that story coming from the connecticut post which reports that after he dropped out of college classes adam lanza wanted to join the marine corps an idea his mother initially supported according to a family friend and then realized it wasn't something her troubled son could handle. investigators are hit a wall trying to retrieve data from the hard drive of adam's computer. he apparently smashed it before heading out on murderous rampage possibly covering any tracks. concealing any research he done online or interactions he might have had with other people while playing violent video notice basement of his family's home. eric holder on his way to connecticut. he may already be here tonight to meet with investigators and first responders and of course tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. here in connecticut and in neighboring states. there will be a moment of silence observed at 9:30 in the morning along with the tolling of 26 bells for the 26
4:36 pm
victims who died inside sandy hook elementary. the white house also expected to observe that moment of silence. rick, thanks. the shooting, of course, devastated that community. but it also touched the hearts of strangers so far away. people from all over have opened their hearts to that community and the folks there have certainly noticed. >> you can't even explain what it feels like to know that the world is watching. >> shepard: watching and reacting to an effort to help victims' families. an effort that began the day after the shooting when some sandy hook parents delivered home cooked meals. >> we blindly knocked on 8 doors and just offered food and said we're here. if we could just feed you tonight, that's great but we're here for you whatever you need. >> to make good on that, they launched online fundraising campaign and watched as donations poured in. >> the room erupted we were high fiving and hugging each
4:37 pm
other because someone donated $25 to us. oh my god. and it was like the flood gates opened from that. >> shepard: they have since collected hundreds of thousands of dollars. [sobbing] >> it reflects the outpouring of support that draws people here from all over the region. >> i drove by the highway and thought i couldn't not stop. just, i don't know, pay tribute. >> i think it's humanity. you have a need to protect children and nothing effects you more than seeing them getting hurt. >> the same emotions that prompt random phone calls to nearby businesses. >> they are coming from across the country. see them going from afghanistan today, south africa yesterday. >> here at the newtown general store callers are buying meals for customers who will never get the chance to thank them. >> it just warms their heart knowing that there is other people sympathizing with them. it's truly amazing. local mother's kitchen, community members are
4:38 pm
focusing on the immediate needs of the family. [bells toll] >> buying a new suit for a man burying his child and taking out the family's garbage. the money flooding in from around the globe will continue to help long after the cameras have gone. >> six months from now when that family wants to take a month off and disappear because they can't bear to celebrate their child's birthday, we can hand them a check and say do it. do it. just a check. how many zeros do you need at the end of it and be at peace and heal. >> shepard: by the way, the organizers of that family fund say they are hoping to raise $100,000 for each family. 2.6 million total. for a link to their fundraising web site in the spirit of the season, you can go to the family of a former marine
4:39 pm
who was jailed in mexico has been fighting to get him out in time for christmas. you may have seen this story on o'reilly. so far no luck. but now two u.s. lawmakers have stepped in with new pressure on the mexican government. they want to hit mexico where it counts. in those valuable american tourist dollars. that's ahead. marching band play] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. es as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%.
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>> shepard: the nuclear standoff in iran and syria have taken a dangerous turn today. we already knew iran had been shipping weapons to the iranian regime. now fox news has learned that syria is repaying iran with advanced missile defense systems. i meant to say that iran is shipping weapons to syria. at any rate. intelligence sources tell us that syria has flown planes loaded with fa 17 surface to air missile systems to iran for the iranians the missiles are a major score. a serious upgrade to what iran has had up until now. experts say the sa 17s would
4:43 pm
make it much harder for the west or israel to launch an air attack on iran's nuclear sites. leland vittert with the news in our middle east bureau this morning. leland? >> shep, this definitely changes the strategic map of the middle east. not only for iran vs. israel but also iran vs. united states. these systems are enough any plans they have to attack iran's nuclear facilities. >> designed by russia to protect its city's military bases and icbm by attack by the united states. the sa 17 is among the most sophisticated air defense systems in the world. russia sold the system to syria. now with syria falling into the chaos of civil war and desperate need for men, ammunition and equipment. for more than a year now, fox news has exposed the clandestine resupply of syria's military by iran using
4:44 pm
commercial airliners and unregistered cargo planes seen here offloading syria's military airports. now western intelligence sources confirm the planes are flying back to iran loaded with the sa 17's. current plans by israel and the townhouse attack iran's nuclear facilities count on using electronic counter measures to defeat iran's relatively outdated air defense system. if deployed around iran's facility the sa 17 would vastly increase their protection. now in addition to the missiles iran gets from syria, they have been highly successful at reverse engineering this kind of technology. so with just a few sa 17 systems that could build many many more, shep. it's clear this intelligence now changes the calculus of if, when, and how an attack on iran might happen. back to you. >> shepard: leland vittert live this friday morning in jerusalem. two lawmakers here at home today urged americans not to travel to mexico until that
4:45 pm
nation releases a former u.s. marine from a notorious prison. his name is john hammar. police in mexico arrested him in august for carrying a type of gun that only the army can use. his family says it was an antique rifle that his great grandfather owned. they called the whole thing an honest mistake it was a technicality, really. he didn't register. this photo shows the former marine chained who his prison bed. a drug cartel reportedly runs the facility. his family says the cartel has threatened his life. today, these two g.o.p. lawmakers urged the travel boycott and earlier today on fox news congressman duncan hunter explained why. >> the problem is that the mexican justice system is completely corrupt. their jails are not american jails. it's like going to a third world country. >> shepard: former marine's traveling companion tells fox news latino that he thought mexican authorities would let john hammar go with just a fine. now he says he feels mighty guilty for leaving his friend
4:46 pm
behind. two people are dead, including an american after a raft carrying tourists flipped over in raging waters. and that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. peru. officials say it happened as tour guides took three rubber rafts down a rain swollen river. they say 15 people from at least nine countries were on the one that overturned. a 23-year-old american woman and a 25-year-old canadian man died. medical workers rushed survivors to a clinic. china. workers rescued a driver stranded in a blizzard. he says he lost sight of the road in the whiteout conditions and drove his pickup off the highway. an emergency worker got under the truck to tie on a tow rope. mexico. archaeologists say they dug up more than a dozen misshapen skulls. in an ancient burial ground in the northwest. they report signs of skull
4:47 pm
binding in which boards elongated the bones. experts say it was a right of passage into adulthood. most of the skeltons spain. richest lottery. more than $3.3 billion up for grabs in a country where one in four people is out of work. prize amounts vary and there are usually thousands of winners. the top prize this year, about a half million bucks. and that's a rap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. the half million is worthless, of course because it's been a very good run in a span of about 200,000 years humans have created the wheel, the interwebs and twinkies. but it's all over in a matter of hours. there is no tomorrow if the myans are right. nice knowing you. this holiday, share everything.
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>> shepard: i hope you are aware the world ends tomorrow. tonight, 5:00 a.m. eastern time. zero 100 hours tnt. so says the myan calendar so it must be true. experts say this long count calendar for the ancient civilization runs out on december the 21st, 2012. according to interpreters that means our days here on earth run out with it for months people around the world have been prepping for an apparent doomsday. while some folks are planning elaborate parties, nasa quite confident will exist still after tomorrow. the agency has already prepared a press release for saturday entitled why the world didn't end yesterday. jonathan hunt is with us on
4:52 pm
this last fox report there are always people who take these reports very seriously. >> they are. las vegas for the end of the world. there is a lot more going to a small town in turkey. now, don't ask me how the myans knew that turkey existed or this small town usual population 600. but hundreds of people are flocking there because according to the myans, this small turkish town will be saved. listen. >> there could be chaos in the rest of the world. i think it's a good idea that we stay here. somewhere we know we will be safe. there is plenty of police to protect us. think think this is a good choice of places to be. and street wine to drink as well. >> we came because it's the end of the world tomorrow. we thought we better pop in here because apparently this place will be save. >> with accents like those you would hope they would be the first to go come the apocalypse. >> shepard: of course, it's all nonsense. >> according to nasa it is all nonsense. they have already prepared this date toe datelined the
4:53 pm
day after the apocalypse with a very special message. listen. >> december 22nd, 2012. if you are watching this video, it means one thing. the world didn't end yesterday. >> and nasa says that the sun is not going to burn us all up. there are no comets heading towards earth. what it is actually all about is this guy. the myans, take a look at him. the myans well known giants fans they foresaw the coming of rg iii and they figured the self-fulfilling prophecy of the world end something is the only way they would stop the redskins winning the sec east and most likely the super bowl. >> shepard: you should win something before you talk. >> to all those people that wrote me after "studio b" saying you need to take this whole end of the world thing more seriously merry christmas we will all be fine. >> shepard: we will be fine. maybe. jonathan, thank you. hey, that styling monkey that went from toronto ikea to internet sensation is now at the center of a custody battle. and the woman who claims to be
4:54 pm
darwin's owner today asked the court for her monkey back. about a dozen of her supporters showed up to protest. they demanded an real control officials free darwin earlier this month you will will remember. this store's parking lot wearing a coat. captured it and brought it to a sanctuary. folks there claim they have the wild animal and since they have it they own it crazy video out of russia as a dashboard camera catches a moment the truck tips over and dumps a bunch of cows over the road. amazing that truck driver is reportedly fine. from the looks of things, not a lot of steak yet. well, if you are so hungry you can't even wait to take the rapper off fast food. one chain has a solution. you can now eat your burger and its -- in its rapper. that fast food chain is in brazil. burgers are so good folks
4:55 pm
can't wait to unwrap them. they look like ordinary paper. no word what the chain. it would seem to cut down on the little terring. the house was right in the middle of voting on plan b. the g.o.p. backed fiscal cliff bill when it suddenly went into recess this hour. probably because they realize the world is ending. but what that could really mean in another live update from capitol hill next is in fox report tonight. treatment for low t, can restore testosterone levels back to normal in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transfer to others through direct contact. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these signs and symptoms to your doctor if they occur. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. do not use if you have prostate or breast cancer.
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4:58 pm
>> shepard: there is brand new drama in the fiscal cliff standoff. whoops. house republicans are supposed to be voting on part 2 of what they call plan b. they passed part 1 of that earlier but just barely. then they took some kind of recess and as you can see, they haven't come back. mike emanuel is there. is this an oops? >> shep, it's clearly says that they are worried about whether they have the votes. this is the part of plan b that would raise taxes on those making more than a million dollars a year. some republicans say they were not elected to raise taxes on
4:59 pm
anybody and so they have had experience it been getting pounded by outside conservative groups that have been saying by republican members who say if you vote to raise taxes on anybody we will find a conservative to run against you next time in the primary and take you out. that is the biggest concern of these republican members as they think about the future is being taken out by another conservative. not being taken out by a democrat so they got behind closed doors clearly counting heads. they have the votes, shep. >> shepard: so what now? >> the question is whether this passes tonight and even if it does pass tonight, we know the president has threatened to veto and so it is not clear, we just got this drama. this fiscal cliff with christmas on the way and the end of the year less than two weeks away, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel on capitol hill. mike, thank you. and on this day in 1969, james brown's band roared a beat that it considered by many the most sampled piece of music in history. the funky


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